Trending Tonic: Tea Cocktails

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Tea cocktails trends are the latest ones in mixology. These tea-based drinks are popping up everywhere, from New York to London and beyond. What’s not to love about a refreshing drink that has tea as its base? There is no right or wrong way to make tea cocktails, but here are some recipes for you to get started!

There are tea cocktails for every taste. Here is a list of some of the most popular tea drinks that you can order at your local bar or restaurant:

– iced tea spritzers

– jasmine green tea margaritas

– sweet tea vodka lemonade slushies

Most Popular Tea Cocktails Ingredients & Tools You’ll Need:

– tea (use loose tea leaves for best results)

– tea mugs and cups

– Bourbon iced tea vodka, sweet tea liqueur, jasmine green tea agave nectar syrup, or any other quality ingredients to make your drink taste amazing.

Don’t forget the tools! You’ll need a strainer, tea cups, and tea spoons to serve tea cocktails in.

How To Make Tea Cocktails: 

– Iced tea spritzer is a refreshing drink that can be made with any kind of tea (iced or hot). Simply brew the tea of your choice and pour it over ice cubes in a tall glass. Add lemonade and top with your tea.

– Jasmine green tea margaritas are made by first making jasmine tea and letting it cool down. Combine the tea, tequila, triple sec, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and agave nectar in a blender cup along with some ice cubes. Blend until smooth for about 30 seconds then pour into glasses and serve.

– Sweet tea vodka lemonade slushies combine tea, ice cubes and fresh lemon juice in a blender cup then add sweet tea liqueur or any other liquor that you like (optional). Pour into glasses and serve immediately with straws.


What Alcohol Goes Well in Tea?

Bourbon tea cocktails are delicious. Add tea, lemonade, and bourbon to a glass filled with ice cubes then stir until combined. Irish tea is made by mixing tea with whiskey in hot water or tea cups. Serve the drink warm!

How Do You Use Tea in Cocktails?

Tea is great for making tea cocktails by adding tea leaves directly into your drink or using tea bags as a garnish on top of the glass when serving drinks like sweet tea vodka lemonade slushies or jasmine green tea margaritas.

What’s the #1 Cocktail in the US?

The Mint Julep tea cocktail is the #one tea drink in the US. It’s a bourbon tea recipe that also includes sugar and fresh mint leaves, which go nicely with tea’s subtle flavor. The tea cocktails trend goes back centuries to when it was first used as an herbal remedy for stomach problems.

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