How to Raise Chickens: Tips and Tricks For a Happy Flock

You’ve been bitten by the chicken bug and now you’re wondering how to raise chickens. You can find tips on raising chickens from many different sources, but what’s most important is that you keep your flock happy! In this blog post, we’ll discuss tips for choosing a breed of chicken, tips for coop setup, tips for feeding your hens well, and more – all to help make sure your chickens are healthy and happy.

What do Chickens Need?

Here is a list of tips on what chickens need: 

  • Shelter from the sun and rain. 
  • A clean coop with adequate room for all members of their flock to lay eggs, eat and sleep comfortably. 
  • Secure fencing around your chicken run so they can’t be eaten by predators – foxes are a big threat! Chickens also need protection from raccoons who can climb and open doors. 
  • Clean water – you’ll need to change it out regularly as chickens like to splash around in their water source, which can make it dirty quickly! 
  • Feeding trays for food with a secure lid so other animals don’t try to eat the chicken’s dinner; also be sure that your hens always have enough food to eat.
  • Make sure your chickens are getting their daily dose of sunlight for healthy feathers and a shiny, lustrous coat! 

What Do Chickens Eat?

First, let’s talk about what chickens eat. Chickens are not picky eaters – they’ll typically have one main diet consisting of layer pellets or mash and/or scratch grains plus scraps from your kitchen! It’s important to keep in mind that you should never give your hens any part of a chicken that has died. Also, remember to never feed your hens anything with meat in it – this could get them sick.

What Type of Chicken Should You Get?

Next, let’s discuss what type of chicken you should get. There are many different breeds to choose from – it depends on your preferences! If you’re looking for a good egg layer, one popular choice is the Rhode Island Red; they lay about an average of 260 eggs per year which is considered a lot! Another popular choice is the Ameraucana which lays about an average of 200 eggs per year. If you’re looking for a good meat bird, one type that’s considered to be “the all-around chicken” is the Cornish Cross. Hens start laying at about 18 weeks and they’ll produce a large amount of breast meat quickly.

Which Breed is Right For You?

Now, it’s time to decide which breed of chicken suits your preferences. The right type for you depends on what you’re looking for – are you wanting a good egg layer or meat producer? Maybe both! Make sure that whichever breeds you choose have the qualities that fit with your needs and wants. Once you’ve chosen the breeds of chicken that are best for you, it’s time to get them!

What Kinds of Breeds Are There?

There are over 200 breeds of chickens – each with its own distinct personality! Some popular breeds include Orpingtons, Rhode Island Reds, Leghorns, and Australorps. The breed you choose will depend on your preferences as well as what you plan to do with the eggs or meat from your hens. 

How Much Space Do You Need?

The amount of space you need for your flock depends on the size and number of chickens you plan to keep. For a small backyard flock (up to four hens), around two square feet per bird would be enough, but if you’re planning on having more than that, at least five or six square feet is recommended. You’ll also want to consider how much space your coop needs – if you’re planning on building a chicken run, make sure to design it with the size of your flock in mind.

How Much Time Do You Have?

Some breeds are more friendly than others and may even be hand-tamed so they will sit on your lap! But no matter what breed you choose, chickens will need attention every day. They should be allowed outside for at least an hour or two in the morning and/or evening to stretch their legs and get some sunshine. If your hens are not getting enough time outside they may become bored which could lead them to start picking on each other!

How Do You Keep Chickens Safe?

Keeping your flock safe doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In fact, there are many tips for keeping chickens safe that require very little effort from you – like installing an automatic door opener in your coop or fence so the hens can come and go as they please!

Who are the Predators?

Chickens are very curious animals and they may even wander into your neighbor’s yard! Some predators that chickens must be protected from include dogs, raccoons, foxes, coyotes, weasels, opossums, hawks – the list goes on.

How Can You Keep It Clean?

Your flock should have a clean coop to use at night. The coop should be cleaned out weekly so it doesn’t start smelling bad or attract flies, which can bring in more predators!

How Do You Prepare for Winter?

Chickens cannot tolerate cold weather and if their coop is not properly insulated they will freeze! Make sure you insulate the bottom of your coop as well as any vents or windows where cold air could seep in. If it gets below freezing, make sure to bring them inside for at least a week so they can recover from the shock – most chickens are used to the warmer weather and may even die from frostbite.

What Do you Need to Raise Chickens?

Just like with tips for keeping chickens safe, there are many tips on raising chickens that cost very little. For example, if your hens don’t have a dust bath available they will create one themselves – which can be messy and tough on their feathers! Providing them with an area outside the coop to bathe is one of the tips for raising chickens that will cost you nothing but time.

How do You Keep Chickens Cool in Hot Weather?

Here are some tips on how to keep your hens cool during hot weather: 

  • Make sure they have plenty of freshwater available at all times, and if possible – a pool to splash around in. 
  • Make sure they have complete shade available at all times – chickens can easily get sunburned just like people!
  • Reduce the number of hours your hens are out during hot weather, and never ever lock them outside without any access to water or shade. Chickens die quickly when left unattended in hot weather.

What about Chickens’ Nests?

Chickens will make nests for themselves and lay their eggs there – typically right on the floor of your chicken run unless you provide them with a designated place to lay their eggs. However, if you want an easy way to collect your hens’ eggs daily, there are options like egg boxes or laying trays that allow them to walk in and out of the nests without disrupting the rest of the flock.!

What is a Coop?

Now that we know what chickens eat, it’s time to talk about coops! You’ll need some type of housing for your hens so they can sleep and lay their eggs. A simple wooden hut with a wire floor and nesting box will do just fine – you’ll want the opening on top of the coop to be able to shut so your chickens can’t fly out, and you’ll want the wire floor for their droppings. The nesting box will keep eggs from rolling around as your hens lay them – this is where they’ll also go when it’s cold outside.

How to Build a Coop?

So, you’ve decided you want to build your own coop – great! There are many tips on building a chicken coop online that can help guide you through the process. You’ll need to make sure there is enough space in the coop for all of your chickens and their food/water. You can easily make a door for the coop using chicken wire, and you’ll want to place it right by your nesting box. Finally, consider adding a perch in one corner of the coop so your hens have a place where they can sit outside their nest without being crowded by other chickens. It’s also important that you keep your coop clean by removing any droppings or food that may go bad after a while.

Creating a Routine for Your Chickens

As chickens are flock animals, they like to stick together and follow a routine. If you want them to feel safe in their coop at night, make sure the light is off by dusk so it doesn’t disturb them during sleep time! You’ll also need to be extra quiet around the coop too – no loud noises or banging around, as they will be extra protective of their flock. Chickens are very curious animals and like to explore – but if there’s something new in the coop (a dog or cat for example) it could stress them out.

Is it Legal to Raise Chickens in Your Area?

Finally, you’ll want to consider if there are laws on raising chickens in your area – these laws will vary depending on where you live. If they’re not allowed where you live, just keep it as a fun hobby!

Now that you know tips for raising chickens, we hope you’ll be able to create an amazing flock of your own. We’re sure they will love you and give their eggs happily in return! If not, then consider joining one or more online chicken forums where people can help answer any questions and share tips with you.


How Do I Pick the Right Chicken?

There are many tips for raising chickens online and we encourage you to do your own research before choosing which breed is right for you. We recommend looking at the egg color, size of a chicken, ease of care/handling, and preferred environment (city or country).

Will I Get Rats If I Keep Chickens?

Chickens are “natural” pest control as they eat everything from insects to slugs. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have other pests, like rats!

Can Chickens Stay in the Coop All Day?

Chickens need time to go out and explore so they don’t get bored. Make sure you have a coop with multiple places for them to roost that doesn’t disrupt their sleep schedule, which typically begins at sunset.

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