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Yesterday’s post about the difficulty I faced while making sloppy joes generated a bunch of responses on Twitter and Facebook. Apparently there are a ton of tricks out of there to prevent one’s eyes from burning and watering while chopping onions. They range from simple (sticking out your tongue) to bizarre (hold two matches between your lips). Sadly, none involve a Slap Chop. I kinda really want a Slap Chop.

@redsesame The irritant is attracted to moisture, hence the eyes. Run water or (what I do) stick out your tongue while you chop.

@cjohnson397 try eating a piece of bread while cutting onions, it helps

@trinniedoo wear sunglasses!

@BowsandSparrows Here’s my tip…get your man to chop the onion for you. Or…that freezer trick seems to work.

@YoungestSenior Wear contact lenses. Or even better, wear these (PS Have not tried the second option)

@modernemotive Set up the plan J + I have. He preps, I cook. Works for us.

@Blisser My mom always told me to put lime juice on the knife before chopping onions.

@ControlledChaos Chew gum. It’s supposed to work, according to Rachel Ray (and for the most part it does).

And from some Facebook friends:

Erica: Put two matches – sulfur side out – in your mouth. So that they are hanging out of your mouth. The sulfur keeps the “onion air” out of your eyes (very technical, I know).

Justin: I try to only breathe through my mouth, which helps. Some say that chopping next to a sink with cold running water can help too. But really, and not to sound crass, chopping faster is the best way to avoid the tears! Check out this technique –

Sonia: Put a slice of bread (folded in half) in your mouth. It absorbs the onion smell and prevents you from breathing out of your mouth. Sounds silly but it works!

Jennifer: Wear goggles – you know…chopping = snorkeling

Do you have a favorite tip?

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