brazilian blowout | SIMA

A couple of weeks ago I caught Louis Licari telling Kathie Lee and Hoda about some Brazilian keratin treatment that takes the frizz out of hair but doesn’t damage it like the Japanese Straightening method. I was intrigued, to say the least. Then I started hearing about something called a Brazilian Blowout, which I’m assuming… Continue reading brazilian blowout | SIMA

chocolate pancakes | SIMA

A camp friend of mine started a new blog called Eating With A to document her culinary adventures. Last week, she tested a recipe she found right here for chocolate pancakes, and she had the sweetest words to say about me and my lil’ blog: My old camp buddy has a website called Somewhere In… Continue reading chocolate pancakes | SIMA

aboriginal art | SIMA

While studying abroad in Sydney, Australia in 2001, I traveled to Alice Springs, where I purchased an original piece of Aboriginal art by Marlene Coombes. I even have a photo of the artist holding her artwork tucked away in my scrapbook. At the time, the warm, muted colors spoke to me, and I felt a… Continue reading aboriginal art | SIMA

Cooking | SIMA

Yesterday’s post about the difficulty I faced while making sloppy joes generated a bunch of responses on Twitter and Facebook. Apparently there are a ton of tricks out of there to prevent one’s eyes from burning and watering while chopping onions. They range from simple (sticking out your tongue) to bizarre (hold two matches between… Continue reading Cooking | SIMA

Valentine’s Day | SIMA

Our neighbor’s children made this adorable Valentine’s Day- themed snowcouple on Sunday. Sadly, by Monday, they had lost their carrot stick noses and most of their heft. Mr. Snowman also lost the branch arm that was connecting him to his wife. Still, we can imagine that they are very much in love, perhaps even enjoying… Continue reading Valentine’s Day | SIMA

malia obama: kid photographer pt. 2 | SIMA

One more fabulous photo of Malia Obama and her camera! Here she is taking a picture of her father, President Obama, all dressed up for the inaugural balls on January 20, 2009. (Pete Souza / The White House) And how can you not love Sasha’s little dance of excitement?!

chocolate covered yummy | SIMA

What’s better than fresh, ripe strawberries? Fresh, ripe strawberries covered in chocolate! But what do you do with the excess melted chocolate? Raid the pantry, discover a box of uneaten Nilla wafers and then cover them in chocolate too! Best last minute dessert idea. Ever.