Useful Essentials Homesteading That You Need It

When you are a homesteader, having all the equipment and supplies that you need is very important. Some of those might require a lot of money, but some can be bought on the cheap. If you want to save money while starting your homesteading activities, then consider buying these items below.

Here is a list of essentials homesteading that you need it 

You should not forget these things before starting homesteading because having them can save your time and effort in making foods or products by yourself.

1. Hand Tools

If you are into homesteading, then chances are that you are also into gardening. There’s no way to do proper gardening without hand tools. Try getting shovels, rakes, axes, spades and other equipment that will make your work easier while taking care of your plants. Make sure not to get too many tools since most homesteaders find it unproductive and unnecessary.

2. Garden Horse

This is an interesting machine if you want to be more efficient in your gardening works. It has a rolling frame with lots of containers where you can put all the plants that you need to work on. This amazing invention will make things easier for everyone who wants to have hassle-free gardening.

3. Miscellaneous Garden Tools

Even though you might already have what it takes to do your gardening works, you might still need some miscellaneous things to make the job easier. Try getting items like weeders, trowels, pruning shears and other tools that are useful in doing the job faster and more efficiently. You can also get items like watering cans, stakes and other things that you will need to handle the plants

4. Water Tanks

If your homestead is not located near a faucet where you can get water easily, then it would be best to have tanks where you can store the necessary supply of water for daily use. Make sure to buy tanks that can store enough water for your daily needs and those of your farm animals as well.

5. Rain Barrels

If you live near a place where it rains very often, then having rain barrels will be perfect for you because this might be the only source of free and clean water that you need in your homestead. Rain barrels will be an efficient water source for your plants and you can have a continuous supply of clean water for your garden.

6. Pipe Wrenches

If you are going to do a lot of plumbing works in your homestead, then it would be best to get yourself a good pipe wrench that will help you handle all the small and big jobs that you need to do. These wrenches will help you handle all the different types of pipes and faucets that you might encounter in your homesteading activities.

7. Plunger and Drain Snake

You cannot be a real homesteader if you don’t know how to unclog a drain since this is something that your household is going to encounter daily. If you don’t want to hire someone with the necessary skills, then make sure that you get yourself a plunger or better yet, a drain snake because this will help you do the job faster and more efficiently.

8. Plywood Sheets

This is another item that you need if you want your homestead to look like a real one. Plywood sheets will be perfect for making the framework of your buildings and other important structures so if you don’t have those, then make sure to get them as soon as possible.

9. Mailboxes

Having mailboxes in your homestead is also another essential thing that you must have if you want to be a homesteader. Some people decide to get P.O boxes but the problem with that is that they are very expensive and you don’t get to receive your mail at home. Get yourself a good old-fashioned mailbox so you can have all your important letters delivered right on time without any hassle.

10. Lumber

Lumber is another item that you need if you want to make the frame of your buildings and other structures like shelves, storage rooms and even bookshelves. Make sure to get lumber with different types of sizes because this is going to be very useful for pretty much everything in your homestead including the fence around it.

11. Vehicle Trailer

Having a trailer for your car might not be necessary but having one for your homestead is vital. If you are going to transport some items like hay, lumber or even water tanks then having a vehicle trailer will save you time and effort especially when it comes to doing the task fast. 

12. Mower and Tractor

If you own a large homestead, then it would be best if you get yourself a riding mower and tractor to make the task faster and more efficient. Once again, owning a car is not necessary but having one for your homestead is essential because this will help you do your job better and faster. Remember that every homesteader tries to make the task as fast and painless as possible.

13. Trimmer

If you are going to harvest some crops or trim your plants, then it would be best if you get yourself a trimmer because this will help you do the task without any hassle. This is another item that can save time since you don’t have to hire someone else to do the job.

14. Ladder

Having a ladder in your homestead is also another important item that you must have if you want to do tasks that are high up. If you are going to clean gutters or change lampshades, then having a ladder is very essential and you should not forget about this item when making your list of homesteading essentials.

15. First Aid Kit

You cannot go camping without having a first aid kit with you because accidents can happen anytime especially when doing outdoor activities like hiking or trekking that require you to go up a mountain. Make sure that your first aid kit includes bandages, gauze pads and other types of materials that will help treat minor injuries like cuts and bruises.

16. Vehicle Jack

Having a vehicle jack is another item that can be considered as one of your homesteading essentials. This is something very important especially if you want to make some repairs to your car from time to time. Having a vehicle jack will help you change tires, do oil changes and also replace broken parts fast and with ease.

17. Rope

This is another thing that isn’t necessary but it is a good idea to have around especially when doing tasks that involve tying or lashing things together such as the construction of buildings, fence building or even hanging objects in your garden. If you don’t have some ropes then you can just buy some cheap ones that will work just fine.

18. Toolbox

Having a toolbox is also very important especially if you want to keep your tools organized so they won’t get lost easily and this also keeps them away from children. Make sure to get one with various compartments where you can put the different types of tools so it won’t be hard looking for them when you need them.

19. Chain Saw

Having a chain saw is another thing that isn’t necessary but it would be a good idea to have around especially if you are going to cut down trees or deal with wood cutting tasks on your homestead. This must be included in your homesteading essentials list because it is very useful for various tasks like clearing out fallen trees, cutting lumber or even making furniture. Make sure to get one with different types of blade sizes so you can use them depending on what kind of task you are about to do.

20. First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit around the house may not be necessary but having one when you are out camping is very important since accidents can happen anytime and anywhere especially if you go hiking or trekking. Make sure that your first product has bandages, gauze pads and other materials that will help treat small injuries like cuts and bruises. Of course, this will depend on where exactly you are going to camp freegan.

21. Petroleum Jelly

This is one of the homesteading essentials that are not necessary but it will be very helpful to have around especially if your skin easily gets dry or you suffer from chapped lips. This can prevent your skin from getting too dry so it will keep it healthy and moisturized. Just make sure not to use it every day because this may cause an imbalance in moisture in your body causing oiliness in some parts of your body instead of dryness.

22. Mosquito Repellent

No one wants to be bitten by mosquitoes when working outdoor especially when doing outdoor tasks like gardening, landscaping or even hunting game out in the woods. If you want to repel these nasty insects then having mosquito repellent is necessary homesteading essentials that you should have around. No one wants to go through the pain and itchiness of mosquito bites so this item must be an important part of your camping gear.

23. Portable Cooker

Having a portable cooker may not be necessary but it is always better to bring it with you when going out camping or hiking. 

This is very useful especially during times where cooking is needed and wood fires aren’t allowed because it doesn’t produce much smoke unlike wood fires do which can cause respiratory diseases if inhaled directly by humans especially those who are more sensitive towards smoke inhalation like children, pregnant women, elderly people and even pets! 

Just make sure to use it properly according to its manual since using it wrong can cause fire accidents especially if you are not careful enough.

24. Grill

Having a portable grill may not be necessary but it is an important part of your camping gear list. This will make cooking outside easier and fast since you don’t have to wait in the kitchen at home or in a camp kitchen with other people who also needs to cook their food. 

A grill can help conserve fuel by making sure that there aren’t any wasted energy since you can use this for different types of food like fish, vegetables, fresh meat and even fruits! Just make sure to have some charcoal along with this so you won’t have trouble grilling your food during camping trips.

25. Lantern

This is another steading essential that isn’t necessary but it is very useful especially during nighttime. You cannot do many homesteading supplies list things during night time and a lantern is good for lighting up your surroundings so you can see all the different objects and materials there. 

The light from this item will also give you a warm feeling inside that will help you relax during dark times. Having one of these items homesteading essentials list will be helpful since carrying flashlights along with your camping gear may take too much space in your backpack or camping gears bag.

26. Water Filter System

This is something that isn’t necessary because you can always use water jugs to store water before going out on a trip but having a portable water filter system to make sure the water is clean enough for your use is an essential part of your homesteading essentials list. 

There are a lot of water filter systems available in the market today and among the best ones that you can choose from is the Sawyer Water Filtration System. This portable water filtration system has been designed to be used during camping trips, hiking or even emergency events like earthquakes that will cause tap water to get contaminated with contaminants like dirt, sediments and even microorganisms which can harm people if consumed directly so having something to prevent this from happening is one of the frugal homesteading supplies lists must-have list.

30. Baking Soda

This is an essential supply during camping trips because it can be used in different ways including for cleaning, brushing your teeth or relieving bug bites and bee stings. It even comes with toothpaste so you don’t have to buy one separately. 

Having baking soda in your homesteading supplies list will make your trip more enjoyable because you don’t need to bring extra things that might end up taking too much space in your backpack like other medicines that are available specifically for insect bites. 

All you need to do is mix it with water for brushing purposes and apply the paste directly on the part of your body where there are insect bites or sting marks which will eventually relieve itching and swelling.

33. Plastic Tarp

This device is also another useful item to keep in mind when making a list of homesteading essentials that you need to bring especially if you want to protect your stuff from the elements such as rain, snow, sun, wind and other harsh weather conditions. 

This will help make your trip more enjoyable without having to worry about getting wet during rains or being exposed to the harmful rays of the sun so it’s is best to have one of these with you. Not to mention that it can also help keep your homesteading supplies list items clean and free from dirt, dust and other insects.


What do I need for homesteading?

Well, you need to know exactly what homesteading is. For those of you who do not already know, homesteading is the idea of living independently on a piece of land that does not belong to anyone else or renting off of others. 

Does it mean that you will be relying on your homestead?

Homesteading is very simple. You only need to have a healthy living space with good clean food, fresh air, water, clothes, everything else can be learned. But if you are starting from scratch, you will need some essentials that serve as your initial investment to start your homesteading life.

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