Moving | SIMA

With everything that’s been going the last couple of days (our new puppy, a visit from my MIL, closing on the new house), I’ve been totally exhausted and too tired to write long posts. Luckily I have enough energy at the moment to share some photos with you. Here are some from last Friday after we got the keys to the house.


Our first time opening the front door of our new house as the official homeowners.

Romantically carrying me over the threshold.

I seriously don’t know what to do with all of these keys! They all open a different window or door.

My doctor could give House a run for his money. She deduced that the chills, fever, and rash I was suffering from stemmed from a drug allergy. Turns out I’m allergic to sulfa drugs. I stopped taking the antibiotic that was causing this commotion, and within a couple of days my temperature returned to normal and my rash started to fade (the itching hasn’t stopped completely yet). I feel better than I have as long as I can remember.

Unfortunately I’ve lost about a week in preparation time for the big move. My parents, J, and a family friend helped empty out my New York apartment yesterday. Now my stuff is sitting in heaps in my parents’ living room. I now have 5 days to sort through it and repack the stuff that I’m taking to Omaha. Whatever we won’t be able to stuff into the car we’re driving across the country we’ll have to ship. When J flew back to Omaha last night, he took with him two big suitcases full of clothing that he’ll bring back empty on Friday. That’ll save some room in the car for my shoes. Lots and lots of shoes.

For the past couple of weeks, J and I have been scouring Craigslist for furniture for our new apartment. The only pieces we already have are a couch, desk, and office credenza. No kitchen table, no bedroom furniture, no additional seating in the living room. On Thursday I came across an ad for a dark wood bedroom set (tall dresser, wide dresser with a mirror, and a full/queen headboard) and a round wood laminate table reminiscent of the one in my house growing up. J contacted the seller, and on Saturday, he purchased all of it for $175. Since we’re going to buy a king bed, J’s friend took the headboard, in exchange for letting J use his truck. Sadly, the photos of the furniture have already been taken off Craiglist or I would have posted them here. J said that the dressers need a bit of work – two of the drawer pulls are broken – but they’re solid pieces.

Furniture left to buy:

  • Chairs for new kitchen table
  • Bed
  • Chairs for living room
  • Second desk for office
  • Pull out couch/futon/air mattress for overnight guests

J put down a deposit on our new apartment today – #313! I’ve seen the apartment, I’ve reviewed the floor plans, I’ve known this was coming…but I still can’t believe it! The little girl in me is giddy at the idea of living with a boy. And look at all the space we’re going to have!

This is a rental apartment. We’re not ready to buy anything yet. When the time comes for that, if we’re still living in Omaha, we’ll probably buy a house – or build a new one. Crazy, right? But the cost of living out there is ridiculous. When we toured a different apartment complex, J actually laughed out loud when we were told how much the lease was. I’m paying more for one small bedroom in a tiny two bedroom fourth-floor walk-up in NYC than that entire two bedroom, two bathroom apartment would have cost us!

I gave my six-week notice today, so it’s official – I’m moving to Omaha! Once you say the words “I’m leaving” to your boss, it suddenly feels very real. I predict the next couple of weeks are going to pass very quickly. Before I know it it’ll be time to pack up the car and embark on a 20 hour road trip. Thank goodness for iPod playlists…and a boyfriend who loves to sing.