Off-Grid Lighting: Technologies and Solutions

Lighting off the grid isn’t easy. It requires a lot of work and can be quite costly, but there are many off-grid lighting solutions available that will help you light your homestead without relying on electricity. This article offers an overview of off-grid lighting technologies and some off-grid lighting solutions for homesteads to consider.

Natural Light

One off-grid lighting solution for homesteads is using natural lighting. Natural light offers a free and abundant source of energy to help supplement your off-grid lights. The sun’s rays offer plenty of illumination, but there are some factors that will affect how much you receive during the day: 

Weather conditions such as clouds or wind can affect the amount of natural light that you receive.

  • If it’s cloudy, there is less natural light and if it’s windy then it will be more difficult to harness energy from the sun because objects such as trees may move around and block off sunlight. 

The location also plays a role in how much natural lighting you’ll receive. 

  • If you live in a hot and humid area near the equator, then you’ll receive more natural light than if you lived further away. 

Time of day also plays a role in how much natural lighting reaches your off-grid homestead. 

  • There is less sunlight during the winter months because days are shorter at this time of year. 


Candles are a popular off-grid lighting solution. Commercial candles have been around for centuries and you can find many off-the-shelf options from stores or online retailers to use as off-grid lights, but homemade candles offer the benefit of being able to customize their appearance. The only downside is that handling hot wax isn’t always fun.

Dry-Cell Batteries

In addition to the off-grid lighting solutions mentioned above, many off-grid homesteaders rely on dry cell batteries for a reliable source of electricity. While they’re not always pretty, they offer a certain level of convenience and often last long enough that you can use them in your home without worrying too much about replacing them.

Oil Lamps

Oil lamps are off-grid lighting solutions that work on the same principle as oil and gas lamps. They’re often beautiful and add a nice touch to any homestead, but they do require fuel (generally kerosene) in order to provide light.


Generators are off-grid lighting solutions that most people don’t think about. Of course, generators aren’t the only source of off-gird power either – solar panels and wind turbines can also provide electricity to your homestead if you have a large enough system or desire. But generators are a great off-grid lighting solution for those who don’t want to go through the trouble of installing solar panels or wind turbines.

Glow Sticks

Glow sticks can be a great off-grid lighting solution. They’re inexpensive and easy to use, and they don’t require any type of fuel in order for them to provide light. Glow sticks generally only last around twelve hours or so before you need to replace them, but that’s more than enough time for most homesteaders.

LED Lanterns

LED lanterns are off-grid lighting solutions that many homesteaders like because the LED lights last for years without needing to be replaced. They’re more expensive than some of the other off-grid lighting options out there, but they offer a reliable source of light and will save you money in the long run due to their durability. While these are good solutions for light in these conditions, they cannot work without electricity.

Gas-powered Lights

Gas-powered lights are off-grid lighting solutions that some homesteaders like because they’re generally bright and offer plenty of light. The downside is that you need to refill the tanks every few days, which can be time-consuming – especially if your off-grid residence doesn’t have access to gas stations nearby.

Wind Power

Wind power is a homestead light solution that homesteaders like because it’s free and reliable. You can use wind turbines to harness the power of the wind in order to provide electricity, which means you won’t have to rely on candles or dry cell batteries for off-grid light anymore.

Outdoor Solar Lights

If off-grid lighting is what you’re looking for, one of the easiest off-grid lighting solutions to use is outdoor solar lights. Outdoor solar lights come in all shapes and sizes with various brightness levels that can give off light for anywhere from eight hours up to 48 hours on a full charge depending on which model you choose.

Solar Pathway Lights

Another off-grid lighting solution that’s easy to install and also affordable is solar pathway lights. These little devices are very simple, consisting of a small plastic tube with an LED light in the top end. They can be stuck into the ground at various points around your homestead or garden where you need some extra light for walking after nightfall.

Solar Lanterns and Wall Lights

If off-grid lighting for your homestead or garden is what you’re after, solar lanterns are a good off-grid lighting solution to consider. These lights come in many shapes (lantern, orb) and sizes with brightness levels ranging from 25 lumens up to 200 lumens plus making them bright enough to light up an area.

The Benefits of Off-Grid Lighting

Off-grid lighting isn’t just more reliable than off-grid power, it’s also better for the environment. When you rely on off-grid lights instead of using gasoline or other fuel sources to provide light, you’re not polluting your homestead and harming Mother Earth in any way. If off-grid lighting is what you desire for your homestead or garden, there are many lighting solutions to choose from.


How Do Amish Light Their Homes?

The Amish use off-grid lighting solutions such as kerosene lamps and candles in order to provide light for their homes.

Are LED Lights CSA Approved?

The answer to this question is no. LED lights are not CSA-approved off-grid lighting solutions for homesteads or gardens due to their potential toxicity levels and ability to pose a risk of fire if they’re damaged in any way.

Do LES Lights Work Without Electricity?

LES off-grid lighting solutions are not off-the-grid lights. They require electricity to operate, so they won’t work without it.

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