How to be More Self-Sufficient: Skills to Help You Adapt

When you are self-sufficient, skills become important. You need to know how to do things for yourself because if not, it could be a disaster! There are skills that may seem very basic but can have an impact on your life in so many ways. These skills will help you adapt when something happens to go wrong or change. In this article, we will discuss skills for self-sufficiency that will help you adjust and live more independently!

Grow Your Own Food

You may not have a lot of space but if you can grow one small plant, it will give you confidence in your skills to provide for yourself. You don’t need to go all out and start with big plants either because sometimes starting slow works better! Selecting simple vegetables that are easy to grow is usually the best way to get started.

Recognizing Mushrooms

Knowing how to recognize mushrooms is important. If you ever want to go foraging, you need to know what’s poisonous and edible as well as a lookout for any unsafe-looking ones! Not only will knowing the difference help keep you safe but it can also be a major money saver because if you identify them correctly, then that means no wasting money on buying them at the store!

Identifying Animal Tracks

Knowing how to identify different types of animal tracks is important. If you are out in nature, it’s always good to be aware of your surroundings and what animals might be around. Not only this but if there are any predators or dangerous wild animals around, being able to tell could mean the difference between life and death!

Finding North Using Stars

If you are ever lost in nature, one of your skills is being able to find north using stars. You can do this by finding the Big Dipper which is near Ursa Major or if you’re lucky enough, looking for Cassiopeia because it’s visible from everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere! Understanding these can help you find a solution in situations where it doesn’t really look there is one.

Take Care of Your Own Health

When you are sick, it’s hard to go about your day and complete the tasks that need to be done. It is important for your health if you can take care of yourself because then when something does happen or someone gets hurt, you’ll be able to handle it! Self-care skills will help with your health and well-being.

Preserving Food

When you grow your own food, it is important to know how to preserve and store the excess because if not, it will go bad. There are many skills that help with this like canning and dehydrating or even just simple freezing!


When you raise your own animals, knowing how to butcher and preserve them is important. This is something that not everyone may want to do but it’s a skill that can save lives because then no food goes wasted! Butchering will help with survival and what you do with any excess meat.

Educate Yourself and Others

Self-sufficiency can be learned from other people but it’s also important to educate yourself on these skills. You should always have a good understanding of what you are doing and why because if not, mistakes will definitely happen! There is a lot of information about these that can help you adapt that anyone can find online.


Cooking is as important as any skill for self-sufficiency. Cooking will help you use different types of fire and what foods work best with them as well as how to make various dishes! Understanding this one is very important because it allows you more freedom in your cooking options which can mean a lot when preparing food regularly or even for survival.

First Aid 

You never know when an injury will happen so it’s important to be prepared. Knowing skills for self-sufficiency like first aid can save someone’s life in times of emergency or disaster! The skills you learn should include basic wound care, CPR, and even how to treat wounds without proper supplies.

Soap Making

Another skill for self-sufficiency is how to make your own soap. There are many skills you learn in this but it all starts with knowing the difference between oil and lye when making soap! Once you have that down, then learning skills like measuring or mixing can be something that comes next.

Survival Skills 

Survival skills are important to know. If something happens, you need to be able to get through it, and dealing with things like shelter building or fire starting will help! There is also the option of learning new ones that can teach you how to survive in extreme climates which is useful for when things go wrong.


If you have the space or are even just considering beekeeping, skills for self-sufficiency with bees are important. Whether it’s making your own honey to use in recipes at home or selling it to help make extra cash! There are many skills that go into this but knowing how to collect and store honey is a good place to start.

Candle Making

Another skill for self-sufficiency is candle-making. Having skills like this can help you produce your own candles at home or even sell them! There are skills that go into it but the end goal is to know how to make a simple container candle.


Even if sewing isn’t necessarily considered “survival” skills, we can see that this is something anyone can learn. Sewing skills will help you make your own clothes but it’s also good to know what types of materials work best together when deciding how to sew! Knowing things like thread and fabric choice will be important skills in sewing too.


Hunting will help you get food but there are skills that are involved in this too! Skills like making your own bow or understanding how to clean and preserve meat after a kill can be necessary when learning how to hunt. 

Starting a Fire

Starting a fire may not look as significant, but it’s also something that everyone should know how to do! Knowing skills like this will help if you are ever in an emergency situation or even if there is no power as long as you have the supplies.


Tanning can help you create different materials from animal hides. There are many skills that go into this but one of the first things to learn will be how to scrape and stretch your hide! Once you learn skills like this, then learning other skills for self-sufficiency with hides will be easier.


Knowing skills for self-sufficiency like how to navigate with a map and compass is important in survival situations. It can be used if you are ever lost or even when traveling so knowing skills like this will always come in handy!

Finding a Well

Finding a well can be an important skill for self-sufficiency. Maybe you need water or maybe your home is close to one that isn’t working! Either way, it’s definitely something worth knowing how to do especially in times of emergency when there are no other options available.


Carpentry skills allow you to build things from wood. There are skills that go into it but knowing how to measure, saw, and fasten correctly will be good for self-sufficiency! This can come in handy when building new furniture or even a doghouse for your pet.

Baking Bread 

Another skill people should learn is how to make bread. There are skills that go into it but knowing how to knead and let dough rise can help you create your own fresh loaves of bread at home!


Blacksmith skills are something that you can use when making your own tools. There are skills for this but knowing how to heat up the metal, hammer it out into whatever shape is needed, and then cool it down will definitely be necessary when learning blacksmithing!

Training Dogs

Training skills for dogs can be a useful skill to have. This will help you if you are ever in an emergency situation or even just need your puppy to stop chewing on things around the house!


Foraging skills can be skills for self-sufficiency in some cases! For example, knowing how to find medicinal plants or edible wildflowers is definitely something you should know. There are many skills that go into this but being able to recognize the difference between poisonous and safe specimens is important.

Natural Remedies

Knowing skills for self-sufficiency like how to make natural remedies and cures is a great skill to have. These go into this but knowing what types of things can be used in these situations will always be good skills! Whether it’s bubbling the cold away or fixing an upset stomach, knowing how to do some simple home treatments can be necessary.

Making Clothes

Making clothes is something that can be learned in many different ways. There are skills for this but knowing how to sew or even weave fabric is a skill necessary when learning the process behind creating your own clothes!

Sewage Management Systems 

Another skill for self-sufficiency with skills that are important in emergency situations is how to build a sewage management system. This may not be something many people think about when it comes to skills but can definitely come in handy!

Finding a Power Source

Finding skills for self-sufficiency like how to find a power source can be helpful. This could mean knowing skills like wiring or even using the sun and wind as energy sources! 

Milking a Cow

Milking a cow is a skill necessary for self-sufficiency in some cases. This can help you produce your own dairy products at home and even be something that will always come in handy when traveling to places where there are cows! 

Fishing Nets

Another skill worth mentioning is how to make fishing nets. There are skills involved but knowing how to tie knots and use nets for fishing will always be necessary when it comes to survival skills! 

Sharpening a Knife

Sharpening knives with skills like using stones or even files will always come in handy when you need to do it yourself! There are skills in this but knowing how to sharpen a knife in the field is something that’s always a good skill.


If you know self-defense skills, it can be necessary when trying to survive! Knowing skills like judo or even jiujitsu will definitely help protect yourself if there was ever an emergency or if you found yourself in a dangerous situation.


What is an Example of Self-Sufficiency?

An example of skills for self-sufficient would be knowing skills like how to make a sewage management system. This could come in handy during emergencies and can help you survive when it comes to your own skills at home!

Why is Self-Sufficiency Important?

Self-sufficiency is an important skill for self-sufficiency because it can help you survive in the case of an emergency. 

What is Self-Reliance Skill?

Self-reliance skills will help you to survive. There are many skills for this but knowing how to make your own clothes is definitely a skill necessary when it comes to self-sufficiency!

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