Cooking from Scratch: 23 Easy Recipes

Do you ever make your own food? Do you feel like it is too hard or takes too long to make anything from scratch? If so, then this article is for you! Here are 11 easy recipes that will make cooking seem easy and fun. Cooking can be a great way to relax at the end of a busy day or make an event more special. Plus, homemade food tastes better than any restaurant could provide! Let’s see how you can make food from scratch.

  1. Yogurt

When you decide to make food from scratch, Yogurt is a sure shot. All you need is a half-gallon of milk, a yogurt starter (either store-bought or homemade yogurt), and some time! Just heat the milk until it steams but don’t boil it. Let sit for five minutes so all the good bacteria can grow in the milk. Then pour into jars and let cool. Add the yogurt starter and make sure it is mixed in well. Then put into jars, lids on tight (or use a cloth to cover), and wrap in towels or blankets for at least six hours until firm up.

  1. Vinegar

Making your own vinegar seems like something that you can only do if you are an expert chemist but it is actually much easier than you might think! All you need to make vinegar from scratch is a bottle of wine or any type of alcohol in a jar with a lid, some cheesecloth or muslin, and time. Put the alcoholic liquid into a jar then cover it with a cheesecloth (or something that lets air flow through). The longer the liquid is exposed to the air, the more acidic it becomes and then turns into vinegar.

  1. Peanut Butter

Making your own peanut butter is not only healthier for you, but also tastes better than store-bought. Just make sure the peanuts are roasted and then grind them up in a food processor or blender until they turn into smooth peanut butter! You can add salt, honey, olive oil–whatever you want to make it taste just right.

  1. Cereal

So you can make your own cereal from scratch! You do not even need a recipe for this one. Just make some oatmeal, rice cereal, or basically any type of grain in an oven at about 250 degrees Fahrenheit until it is toasty and crunchy (about 30 minutes). Then add the cereal to a blender with some honey and make it into a powder. Then let the cereal dry out for another 30 minutes to make sure all the moisture is gone before mixing with milk.

  1. Eggs

If you are feeling super ambitious, then you can make your own egg. This one takes some real work but will definitely earn bragging rights at any event or party. You need an incubator to make your own egg, which you can buy online or make yourself with a Styrofoam cooler and some wire mesh (and possibly a lightbulb). Just make sure the temperature is right (99 degrees Fahrenheit) before putting in eggs that are one day old. Then wait for 21 days until they hatch!

  1. Coffee

For all you coffee lovers, make your own with this recipe. All you need is a jar of water and some fresh ground coffee beans (you can buy them at the store or make them yourself). Just mix in about two tablespoons into a quart of water then put it on the stove until it boils. Then take off heat until it cools and you have your very own cup of coffee! So, you cannot just make food from scratch, you can make some beverages too.

  1. Bread Crumbs

Homemade bread crumbs make any dish better. To make them from scratch, just take stale bread and grind it up in a blender or food processor until you have small bits of bread. You can also toast the bread slices first to make for an even crunchier texture!

  1. Chocolate Chips

You read that right–you can make your own chocolate chips! All you need is some baking chocolate (chips or bars) and a double boiler. Just make sure to stir the chocolate consistently until it melts then pour into molds of your choice. Let them cool in the refrigerator for 15 minutes, take out, let sit at room temperature for an hour, and voila–you have your own chocolate chips!

  1. Tortillas

If you love to make homemade tortillas, then this is the perfect recipe for you. All it takes are some masa harina (corn flour), baking powder, salt, and water–that’s it! Just mix all of those ingredients together until they become doughy balls, wrap them in plastic or wax paper, let them sit for 20 minutes, and make your own tortillas!

  1. Snacks

No party or get-together is complete without snacks. You can make your own popcorn from scratch with a brown paper bag, some oil, and kernels! Just make sure to shake the bag every few seconds while it pops for even cooking.

  1. Pudding Pops

Make homemade pudding pops that everyone will love by following this recipe. All you need are some milk, pudding mix, and a popsicle mold! All you have to do is make the pudding according to its instructions then pour it into your molds. Put those babies in the freezer for three hours then take them out just before serving–Yum!

  1. Biscuits

Make homemade biscuits with this recipe. Just make sure all of your ingredients are cold, make the dough as smooth as possible, and roll it out to about one-eighth of an inch. Then cut into shapes with a biscuit cutter or use a small glass-like we did for this recipe! Bake at 450 degrees Fahrenheit until they turn golden brown (about fifteen minutes).

  1. Chicken Nuggets

Here’s another make-from-scratch recipe: make your own chicken nuggets with this one. You can use any kind of ground meat (we used beef) but make sure to add breadcrumbs and an egg for the right consistency. Then just fry them in a pan with oil or bake them in the oven until they are cooked through!

  1. Pancakes

All it takes is flour, milk, or water for the thin batter, a pinch of salt and sugar (optional), vegetable oil if frying pancakes on the stovetop, butter to grease the pan, and any additional ingredients that make these simple breakfasts treat even better. Then just make sure to make each pancake about three inches in diameter and enjoy!

  1. BBQ Sauce

There’s nothing better than some homemade BBQ sauce with your favorite dish. All you need are six ingredients: ketchup, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce (vegetarian), molasses or sugar, paprika, and chili powder! Just make sure to mix all of those together in a pot over medium heat until it boils for five minutes then let it sit and thicken for another thirty minutes.

  1. Pasta Sauce

Create your own pasta sauce with this make-from-scratch recipe! All you need are some onion, garlic cloves, olive oil, crushed tomatoes (canned or fresh), dried basil leaves, or a can of diced tomatoes with Italian seasoning, salt, and pepper to taste, and a can of tomato paste. Then make sure to cook the sauce over medium heat until it starts bubbling then turn down to low for about two hours stirring occasionally.

  1. Animal Crackers

It’s time to make some animal-shaped crackers for a fun snack. See the recipe here! We just followed one of their recipes and added in food coloring then baked them until they were crispy. It was delicious, especially with our homemade ranch dressing from scratch!

  1. Homemade Salad Dressing

Make your own salad dressing with this make-from-scratch recipe. Just add all of the ingredients together in a bowl and mix to combine, either by hand or using an electric mixer! 

  1. Soup

If you love homemade soup make it yourself with this make-from-scratch recipe! You can make vegetable soup, cream of broccoli soup, or make your own chicken noodle soup. Just make sure to include veggies like carrots and celery for the best taste!

  1. Bagels

Make homemade bagels with this make-from-scratch recipe. Just make sure to boil the bagels in water before baking them for ten minutes on each side at 375 degrees Fahrenheit or until they are golden brown! You can also add some toppings like sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and dried garlic flakes for a little extra.

  1. Fruit Salad

Create your own fruit salad with make-from-scratch ingredients! Just make sure to make the dressing first by mixing all of the ingredients together until it is smooth then slice up some strawberries, pineapple, bananas, kiwis, and grapes for a fresh treat that will make everyone happy! So, you can see that this is one of the easiest ways to make food from scratch.

  1. Pudding Pops

Once you make your own pudding pops, they’ll be the only ones that can compare! All it takes is some milk, sugar, cornstarch (a tablespoon), vanilla extract, and any other flavors you’d like to make these delicious homemade treats. See the recipe here for more details! Just make sure to cook over low heat while stirring constantly for about five minutes then make the pudding pops with your favorite molds.

  1. Doughnuts 

Make homemade doughnuts with this make-from-scratch recipe using yeast (or you can use biscuit mix). Then just make some glaze and make the doughnuts just like you would make regular pancakes.


Is Making Food from Scratch Healthier?

Yes, homemade food is definitely healthier than store-bought. You get to make sure that there are no strange ingredients or preservatives in your meal and it’s made with love!

Is Homemade from Scratch?

Yes, make-from-scratch is when you make something without using made or pre-made ingredients. You make it yourself!

Is Homemade Food Better than Junk Food?

Yes, make-from-scratch food is definitely better than junk food because it doesn’t have any extra preservatives or ingredients that can make you sick.

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