keeping contacts | SIMA

I love my BlackBerry for checking email on the run, but, for the most part, I’m a pen and paper kind of gal. I recently purchased a paper planner for keeping track of my schedule and appointments and would absolutely love this letterpress address card file by one canoe two for my contacts. However, I… Continue reading keeping contacts | SIMA

my darling lovely dear | SIMA

Although I may have been guilty of committing these offenses in the past, I’m reformed and now find myself completely annoyed by bloggers who use expressions like “my darlings,” “my lovelies” and “dear readers” when addressing their followers. It’s a bit pretentious, no? Also, I don’t  understand the use of  “bebe” or “bebes” instead of… Continue reading my darling lovely dear | SIMA

the 10 minute passover seder | SIMA

In the spirit of the holidays, my husband and I celebrated the first night of Passover with an impromptu 10 minute seder at the kitchen counter, complete with four servings apiece of Manischewitz in aperitif glasses. Happy Pesach!