2008 August | SIMA

The evenings are getting cooler, which means that fall is just around the corner. It can’t get here soon enough! When it does, I want to wrap myself up in this shawl. (via Bliss) I love the idea of tea towels, but I’ve heard they aren’t as absorbant as regular terrycloth dish towels. So besides… Continue reading 2008 August | SIMA

2008 June | SIMA

I had high hopes for today. It started with a wake-up call from J at 9:30am. We spoke for 20 minutes, and I only cried for about seven minutes total. Our conversation motivated me to get out of bed and start my day. I went into the office and began checking my email and reading… Continue reading 2008 June | SIMA

2008 April | SIMA

According to this Rolling Stone article, Adam admits to having fake dreadlocks. I’m shocked. I really had no idea they were fake. Did you? His dreadlocks — which he has always freely admitted are hair extensions — are fascinating up close. They’re so incongruous with the rest of his appearance (”I’m a Russian Jew American,… Continue reading 2008 April | SIMA

2008 March | SIMA

J’s been under the weather, so we’ve spent the past couple of days watching movies snuggled on the couch. On day 1 we watched Once (see post below). On day 2 we watched The Hudsucker Proxy. The film’s been around for nearly 14 years but neither J nor I had seen it. Like so many… Continue reading 2008 March | SIMA

2008 January | SIMA

LB, JB and I went to see 27 Dresses Friday night–and we all loved it. Katherine Heigl has so much going for her as an actress. She’s gorgeous in a “real girl” kind of way, wonderfully expressive, and has really excellent comic timing. And how stunning does she look at her own wedding to musician… Continue reading 2008 January | SIMA

2007 September | SIMA

Thursday was Sukkot, a Jewish holiday, so I didn’t have work. Instead I had two doctor’s appointments and an afternoon free to do some damage at the mall. I bought two pairs of shoes at DSW, including a pair of gold Coach loafers on sale from $119 to $48, and new makeup for Jess’s wedding… Continue reading 2007 September | SIMA

2007 August | SIMA

How many of you think this is Pink? Wrong! It’s Gwen Stefani. I also was fooled by the overly sculpted abs and bleach-blond hair. Not an attractive look for a woman. Day 3 on the (full-time) job. I’ve spent much of the past three days scurrying about — rearranging my office and consolidating markers and… Continue reading 2007 August | SIMA

2007 May | SIMA

J and I actually left NJ on Saturday around 11:30 AM and arrived in Omaha at 1:45 AM on Monday. Our 8-hour drive to Cleveland on Saturday was mostly uneventful — except for the periods of heavy downpour that made it nearly impossible to see the cars ahead of us on I-80. Though boring, I… Continue reading 2007 May | SIMA

2007 April | SIMA

I love to shop, and I love to receive gifts, so I didn’t anticipate how hard creating a registry would be. J and I spent nearly every night this past week browsing different online retailers getting ideas of what types of things we could get away asking for. We decided that this weekend we would… Continue reading 2007 April | SIMA

lexy art’s curiousities | SIMA

It was this Giclee print by LexyArt that inspired my blog’s new color scheme, and I just ordered it to hang in my office. I’m slowly starting to collect prints and photographs, mostly from Etsy, to create an eclectic wall of framed art. Hopefully I’ll be able to show you some “After” photos soon!