all about bangs | SIMA

After I get my Brazilian Blowout today, I’m making a hair cut appointment and am going to ask for bangs. I love bangs! I’m particularly fond of Eva Mendes’s thick side-swept fringe. “Project Runway” contestant Gretchen also has great bangs. They start at the top of her head and hang straight to her eyebrows. The… Continue reading all about bangs | SIMA

50% off shellac manicure | SIMA

Readers, I received a lovely email from Rebecca at Living Social letting me know about today’s amazing deal – 50% off a Shellac manicure at Kathryn’s Nails. Rebecca discovered Shellac after reading about it right here on Somewhere in Middle America! I’m honored that my blog influenced her to suggest the long-lasting manicure as a… Continue reading 50% off shellac manicure | SIMA

showing off omaha | SIMA

Bad blogger! I haven’t had a chance to write my weekly link up post because I’ve been prepping for an out-of-town guest. My oldest friend is coming to Omaha for the very first time this morning. When I say “oldest,” I don’t mean in age. I’ve known Ali even longer than I’ve known my own… Continue reading showing off omaha | SIMA